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The Art Appeel Barn Studio - Proudly Made in New Hampshire


At Art Appeel, we're all about the magic of childhood. In 1995, we started Olive Kids because it was so hard to find fun kid's bedding that wasn't based off of a blockbuster movie or TV show. We wanted our children to have beautifully designed bedding and room decor that invoked their imaginations--not supported a franchise! So we did it ourselves.

Our designs are bright, colorful, and full of adventure. With every theme, we wanted to give kids a story, a world, a place they can let their imagination soar. So much of the magic of childhood lies in the ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. It's a time when toys come to life, blanket forts are castles, bathtime is at sea, bedtime stories are epic novels, and dressing up is becoming that princess or cowboy or space-robot-ninja-spy! Everything we design is crafted to act as a portal for kids to dive into and let their imagination take flight.

While Olive Kids bedding and gear has found a new (very happy!) home with Wildkin (check it out here), we remain the designers and are so excited to also be your source of all Olive Kids coordinating personalized items!

Now with Art Appeel, we combine our favorite elements of Olive Kids with two very special new features: all our products are personalized with your child's name--or your name, or your dog's name, or your grandma's name--and every item is made to order, right here in our big red barn in New Hampshire! (Built in 1894, Art Appeel's historic and inspiring home is a four story wooden barn with a killer view of Mount Monadnock, a thriving squirrel population, and an average wintertime temperature of twice-your-age-below-freezing.) We believe in quality, beautifully-crafted products, which is why we create everything just for you and it's alway made in America.

We're whole-heartedly committed to making children's dreams come to life with every product we make because we believe in imagination, we believe in playtime, we believe in adventure, and--most importantly--we believe in childhood!


-Anita Oliveira & Russell Brandwein
Creators of Olive Kids and Owners of Art Appeel