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Holiday Gift For Kids of Personalized Placemats for Each Month, including Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
Set Of Alphabet Activity Mats for Letter Tracing on Back of Personalized Placemats
Tracing Alphabet Activity Mat For Toddlers
Size Chart for Art Appeel's Personalized Placemats For Children and Toddlers
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Holiday Gift Pack - Set of 12 Personalized Kids Placemats

$ 160

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    Give a gift that keeps giving - all year round! Our personalized gift pack placemat set includes 12 placemats custom made with your child’s name featured in bright, bold letters. We’ve chosen the designs to be used for each month, but we ship all 12 together so you can mix and match however you’d like!

    This set includes monthly themed mats that feature bright colors and whimsical holiday scenes for celebrating all year round.

    Made with a heavy duty, crystal-clear laminate, our personalized placemats are built to stand up to kids' messiest eating habits--toddlers included! They measure a generous 12" x 18" and have rounded corners for safety. Plus, they’re now double sided for twice the fun! We've added a learning alphabet with both upper and lowercase letters to the reverse side of every placemat, designed so kids can trace over the letters with a dry erase or washable marker. To clean up after tracing or messy meals, wipe your placemat clean with a damp cloth and use it over and over again!

    Size: 18" x 12"
    Material: heavy duty, crystal-clear laminate
    Care: wipe clean with a damp cloth; do not put in the dishwasher

    Every Art Appeel product is made to order and made in America!